Not Just Hotels: Alternatives Do Exist

Hotels are usually the most common type of accommodation one can enjoy when away from home. In recent years, though, new trends have been set in terms of alternative: a lot of other choices are available when it comes to staying out. Of course you’ll be familiar with such platforms as AirBnb – people find these to be more authentic, or reasonably-priced, than a hotel.

Short Stay Apartments

tibet_room copyIf you are traveling as a family, it’s important to consider the space available and the budget, particularly if you’re going to be away for at least a week or two. The children need room to play and entertain themselves and quite often a single hotel room just doesn’t cut it. Also, there may be times when you want to prepare your own meals, and this is something most hotels won’t be able to offer. A short stay apartment could be ideal as it has all the amenities that you would have at home, but often they do offer services such as cleaning and bed changing during your stay (this will all depend on the type of short stay apartment service that you are choosing).

Bed and Breakfasts

For singles or couples who are vacationing and intend to be out for the majority of the day then paying for a hotel room may not make much sense. A quality Bed and Breakfast will provide you with some good rest in a comfortable setting at night and will let you start off on your adventure the next day with a good breakfast.

Lodges and Inns

If you are looking to tie your vacation adventures into activities that you can enjoy at your lodgings, then you may want to go for this type of accommodation, as they often offer extra perks such as, for example, hunting and fishing lodges or inns that are very much like clubs for fans of sports such as golf.

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