What is Guest Etiquette When Staying at a Hotel?

Any individual that is staying at a hotel has a certain amount of expectations that they are placing upon it. They expect the hotel to be clean and meet all of their needs, and they also assume that the staff is going to be warm, friendly and helpful. There are also expectations that are placed on guests, though, so there is indeed a form of etiquette that should be implemented when staying at one of these forms of accommodations.

lontlk_r144532642928676_402_bigIn most cases, hotels will try and man their front desk efficiently to handle the busy times of checkins and checkouts. On occasion, something can arise where they may be short staffed and waiting at the desk could be necessary. Having some patience in this regard is beneficial as it makes no sense to take out your irritability on the desk clerk, especially as circumstances are not under their control.

If you are dissatisfied with something that takes place at the hotel, make sure that you find the appropriate supervisor or manager to discuss this with in a simple, concise, and calm way. Being angry at the staff is not the solution, and it just makes for an uncomfortable setting: what if you have misjudged all along and you’re taking it out with the wrong person?

If you are using a pet friendly hotel, then you have the responsibility of making sure that you clean up after your pet. Should an accident occur in the room then make sure that you handle it properly. Keeping your pet in a carrier when not in the room may be a good idea if your pet is not trustworthy and could potentially do damage to the furniture or the facility itself.

Basically you want to extend the same courtesies to those at the hotel that you expect yourself.

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