What Should You Expect from an Economy Hotel?

If you’re going to stay at an economy hotel, you are going to lower your expectations somewhat because you know that you are getting a cheaper treatment.
191786485It all begins when you arrive at the accommodation. If you are going with a upper caliber or luxury hotel the moment you pull up to the door you are going to receive valet service. This is not going to be the case at an economy hotel. In most cases, you will park your vehicle and then carry your own bags up to the front desk. There should be trolleys available for carrying and transporting the heavy luggage around the facilities but this, again, may not necessarily be the case here.

Once you have booked in, you are going to find most likely that the rooms are not really sub standard but only contain the basics. They will not be very large and most likely will not have extra amenities like a hot tub, a coffee maker or complimentary bottles of water.

By the same token, you can expect your room to be clean and well taken care of. Just because this is an economy hotel doesn’t mean that the beds should be totally worn and uncomfortable or that there should be paint or paper peeling from the walls. You won’t be faced with a horror like scenario, most definitely.

The whole purpose of the economy hotel, as a matter of fact, is to cut out the extras that are really not needed for the vacationer. The goal is to provide them with good comfortable basics, that are needed to rest and provide a good atmosphere for sleeping.

Another thing that you may not find is restaurant facilities in the hotel. In most cases, however, there are restaurants close to the building, which usually have a standing arrangement with your accommodation and may be able to provide your with basic meals at a special cost – this may not be that much of an inconvenience for you.

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